Meet Control4's New OS 3: Everything You Need to Know

Check out the Newest Operating System for Control4 Smart Homes

Meet Control4's New OS 3: Everything You Need to Know

Just days ago, Control4 announced a brand-new operating system for its industry-leading home control systems: the Control4 OS 3. The newest Control4 OS builds upon its previous, easy-to-maneuver user interface and takes it to the next level; providing homeowners with added convenience in using their Control4 smart home.

OS 3 delivers more than a thousand new features to your system, including but not limited to, a brand-new and refined interface as well as the option to select favorite rooms so you can easily access your most-used scenes. But that only scratches the surface of what OS 3 has to offer!

Want to find out more about this new operating system from Control4 and how you can update your existing Control4 smart home here in the Fairfield County, Connecticut area and beyond to OS 3 with the help of Westchester Audio/Video Design Group?

Keep reading the sections below to find out more.


Control4 OS 3: What Does the Update Include?

There are a variety of new features and solutions that OS 3 brings to your living space and daily routine. One of these is “Favorites.” The Favorites feature lets you place top-priority devices, solutions, scenes and rooms at the top of your Control4 interface. Now you can have one-touch control over your favorite and most-used selections without needing to tap through the interface.

Favorites lets you also set up “at-a-glance” views of any room or device in your home. Choose to favorite your smart locks, your bedroom TV, your dining room lights and more for easy access to control your most-used smart devices.

Now with OS 3, you can also take your whole home audio video to the next level. An “Active Media” selection at the top of your screen’s interface shows music and media controls and lets you manage every tiny detail of your A/V. The “Sessions” feature makes it simple to add and remove specific rooms to play media in, while also adjusting the volume or changing the song or show in one of all the rooms is a breeze.

OS 3 elevates your lighting and shade control, heightens your security management, and makes it all more effortless than ever to use. You can edit scenes and schedules and decide which devices and rooms get prominence on the platform. You can completely customize your system to work for you.

What Does the Control4 OS 3 Interface Look Like?

How easy it is to use and manage your home control system makes or breaks it; and Control4 OS 3 ensures a smooth, effortless and fun user experience. 

The OS 3 has a more fluid and intuitive interface that will change and adapt to whatever smart device you’re accessing it from. The OS 3 interface on your smartphone is designed for one-hand control in a vertical view that makes scrolling and tapping a breeze. You even can use custom wallpapers to give your user interface a personalized background.

Intuitive icons also let you know when doors are locked or garage door is open; even when your air conditioning unit is running. Control4’s OS 3 revolutionizes the look of the smart home interface, making it easier than ever for you to control your smart home technology.

How Can You Update Your Current Control4 System?

What if you have a Control4 system already? How can you bring OS 3 to your home? There’s no hassle involved. By working with the Westchester Audio/Video Design Group team, you can transition from your previous system to the OS 3 update with zero stress or worry. Our team of experts has you covered.

But what if you are just starting out with Control4, and don’t have a home control system in place? Whether you want to start with just a single room like a home theater or media room, or you are interested in a whole-home automation system for your entire living space, OS 3 scales to fit you and your family’s needs. Our professional installation ensures that your home gets a custom design and setup that leaves you with a system that uniquely fits your space and lifestyle.

Want to learn more about Control4’s new OS 3 platform? Feel free to give us a call or fill out our online contact form to schedule a no-obligation consultation with our team. We’d love to hear from you!

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