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Your Westchester County, NY home network installation needs reliable technology and top-notch support. Call Westchester Audio/Video Design Group to learn more.

Improve Your Home Network Performance with Araknis WAVE 2

Westchester Audio/Video Design Group Can Help With Your WAP Installation

Improve Your Home Network Performance with Araknis WAVE 2

A professional home network installation service ensures your home’s Wi-Fi is secure, robust and reliable, no matter how many devices you have connected to the network.

As the devices that connect your devices to your Internet Service Provider, your wireless access points are essential elements of your network. That’s why we work with leading brands like Araknis, who have developed two new models of wireless access points that can revolutionize your smart home technology. 

In this blog, we highlight how Araknis' new wireless access points, featuring Wave 2 technology, can improve the performance of your Westchester County or New York-area home network. Keep reading below to find out more!