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Can’t Decide on Motorized Window Treatments or Manual Blinds?

The Choice is Obvious: Elevate Your Interior Design Efforts

Can’t Decide on Motorized Window Treatments or Manual Blinds?

Whether you’re revamping your existing interior décor or starting from scratch in a new home, your efforts take time and money. To maximize your efforts spent on personalizing your interior aesthetic, be sure to incorporate the additional functionality you need in your day-to-day life. Your efforts should go beyond looking great; your efforts should improve your quality of life.

Be sure to incorporate modern solutions like motorized window treatments when you redesign the interior of your Greenwich, CT home. These smart solutions offer incredible cost-saving benefits, look great and make life in your home easier with the tap of a button.

Keep reading this blog to learn why motorized window treatments are the obvious choice for your next interior design project.

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Make Life Easier

Window treatments can be quite a time saver. Motorized shades can be synchronized to raise or lower at certain times of the day or controlled by designated Scenes. You can select the Away scene using a keypad or smart device to lower all the shades during the day while everyone is away so no potential thieves can peer through the windows.

Automatic timers can also control motorized window treatments to rise with the sun or lower in the evenings. There’s no need for anyone to walk through the house drawing the shades or closing the blinds – all it takes is a finger tap! Manual blinds and curtains simply can’t offer this kind of functionality.

Reduced Energy Costs

Many think window treatments are solely for decorative purposes, but there’s more to offer! As we mentioned above, motorized treatments raise or lower depending on the time of day. That helpful feature translates into reduced energy usage and energy savings! Installing these energy efficient and time-saving smart home solutions are a great idea for Greenwich-area homeowners.

In the hot summer months, you can lower shades with the tap of a button on your smart device, blocking harmful UV rays and preventing heat from entering your home. The opposite can occur in the winter—shades can open to allow warming sunlight into your home. Heating and cooling systems aren’t running more than they need, which equates to valuable savings for you. Sure, manual blinds can be closed to block sunlight, but if you have large or numerable windows throughout your large home, it’s inconvenient.

A Great Look

Of course, we can’t talk about elevating your interior design efforts without mentioning the wide variety of fabric, color and style options Lutron offers! Whether you’d prefer a roller, pleated or Roman style, there are many colors and fabrics to pair with your window treatment and wall plate design selections.

Lutron motorized window treatments will be custom made for your Greenwich-area home. Manual blinds wish they could serve your interior design as well as motorized window treatments!

If you’d like to explore the design possibilities available for your Greenwich-area home, whether you’re starting from scratch in a new build or upgrading outdated décor, call us today at (914) 921-0099. You can also complete our online contact form, and we’ll be in touch soon! We can’t wait to work with you.

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