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Why Are Lutron Motorized Shades the Best Choice for You?

Discover the Features that Make Lutron Stand Out from the Rest

Why Are Lutron Motorized Shades the Best Choice for You?

As you look for motorized window treatments for your Westchester County, NY home, how do you know which are the best ones? Each year new options become available, making it harder to choose. Entry-level ones with simple features are flooding the market, but there is still one gold standard when it comes to motorized shades: Lutron.

Avoid one-size-fits-all solutions from your local store. Enhance your décor, comfort and convenience with a custom Lutron installation. From a wide range of control options to unique motor technology, below we highlight some of the reasons they’re the industry leaders.

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Embrace a Solution for Any Application

One of the reasons that Lutron stands out within the industry is their wide range of products. As your local experts when it comes to motorized window treatments, we’ll help you figure out which of their shading systems would be the best fit for your space. Along they way, we’ll help you answer some of the following questions: Should you use wired or wireless shades? Do you want to add models beyond standard roller shades? How do you want to control all my motorized window treatments?

Protect All Your Favorite Furnishings

Do you have rugs, artwork or furniture that you want to keep away from damaging UV rays? UV rays can cause radiant colors to fade and in the case of artwork, even result in visible cracking. Lutron motorized shades offer valuable UV protection for your home. In rooms with vulnerable furnishings, use fabrics with a small openness factor so little sunlight filters through. Add photo sensors that automatically close shades when windows are hit directly by sunlight to keep items from being accidentally exposed.

Be Consistent With your Interior Décor

Aesthetics don’t need to take the backseat when it comes to your motorized window treatments. Lutron offers a wide range of models from standard roller shades to drapes and blinds in their Sivoia and Palladiom lines. Working with manufacturers worldwide, Lutron also has four fabric Design Collections featuring more than 1,500 fabrics. Take advantage of color-match options to ensure your shades complement your interior design palette.



Manage Shades Just the Way You Want

How do you want to control your motorized window treatments? With Serena shades, use mobile apps and Pico Remotes. Once you upgrade to the Sivoia and Palladiom Lines, take advantage of dedicated touchpads that let you manage shades throughout your house. Incorporate their elegant line of keypads available in various colors and finishes. These allow you to open and close shades or instantly pull up dedicated scenes.

Never Deal with Uneven Shades

Uneven shades make your home look unkempt no matter how hard you worked on the rest of your décor. Manually adjusting them to the perfect settings throughout the house can be tedious. Lutron motorized window treatments all include Intelligent Hembar Alignment. With this trademark technology, all shades maintain alignment within 1/8" as they move and once they reach their final position. Save your favorite settings into scenes you can pull up easily at any moment.

Enjoy the Convenience Without the Noise

Silent motors are vital if you’re using your motorized window treatments in a theater, bedroom, or nursery application. Efficiently managing your shades isn’t going to feel like much of a benefit if your motor interrupts your movie or wakes up a sleeping baby. Lutron’s ultra-quiet driver units are imperceptible when in use, so you can enjoy all your shading benefits without having to worry about noisy disruptions.


Are you interested in incorporating Lutron’s motorized window treatments in your home? Not only will our experts help you find the right models, but we’ll integrate the control solutions you want most. For a one-on-one consultation, give us a call at (914) 921-0099 or fill out our contact form.

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