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Become of the Life of the Party with Audio in Every Room

Consider Multi-Room Audio in Your New York Home

Become of the Life of the Party with Audio in Every Room

Your home will be the best on the block when it’s capable of streaming music and audio throughout multiple areas. Each room’s audio can be controlled using a smart device like a smartphone or tablet, a wall keypad, a remote control, or your favorite voice assistant. Stream upbeat pop in the living room while doing chores while the kids are streaming their favorite tunes in their bedrooms as they do their homework.

You can set the mood everywhere on your Westchester County-area property. A multi-room audio system is also simple to use, even visiting family and your children will be able to control the system if they need to.

Keep reading the blog to learn how you can energize social gatherings and make chore days more enjoyable.

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Audio Everywhere

Play music at full blast throughout the home during your holiday parties or simply enjoy soft music in the kitchen while preparing dinner. Control it all from the kitchen, bedroom, outside—wherever you are, the ability to control your music follows you wherever you go.

You can even take the multi-room audio concept outdoors! Expand listening flexibility to your outdoor spaces, opting to listen to music by the pool or listen to the big football game from anywhere in your backyard. And just because you’re listening to the game outside doesn’t mean everyone inside needs to hear, too. Each area of your home can play different audio, and all of it is controllable with a smartphone, tablet, keypad or handheld remote, or even voice control. 

Fun for the Whole Family

The entire family can stream audio—their favorite stations, artists, and playlists—throughout multiple rooms of the home or just the room they’re currently occupying by using apps that are standard to your smart home control system. Pandora, Spotify, TIDAL and several other streaming services are all compatible with Control4, Savant, and many other smart home control systems.

Hi-Res Audio

Whether you’re using concealable in-wall or in-ceiling speakers or if you’ve chosen to make your speakers the dynamic focal point of the room, Westchester Audio/Video Design Group works with the most reputable brands, so high-resolution audio is achievable throughout every room of your home. The original artist intended for specific timbre and texture to be heard in their music, moving your emotions or body in a particular way in response to the music. A multi-room audio setup allows you to enjoy music the way the artist imagined when recording the song, everywhere in your home.

Set the Scene 

You can set your multi-room audio system to play designated scenes by tapping a button on a smartphone or touchscreen or by using a voice command. Integrating your audio system with your smart home control system allows you to tap the scene “Relax.” The lights will dim, the motorized shades will lower, and relaxing music will start playing throughout your home. Are you more of a classical music or Frank Sinatra listener? Either way, your home just became a lot more enjoyable and relaxing after a long day at work.

If you’d like to start the journey of multi-room audio in your Westchester County-area home, Westchester Audio/Video Design Group is here to help. Contact us using our online form or call us today at (914) 921-0099. We can’t wait to hear from you.

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