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3 Top Advantages of Opting for a Smart Lighting Control System

Learn How Connected Lighting Can Elevate Your Property

3 Top Advantages of Opting for a Smart Lighting Control System

In today’s world, lighting control is so much more than the traditional on/off switch. You can dim lights, you can install custom keypads, you can automate lights and you even can control them from your smartphone or tablet. Of course, in order to experience these newer ways of taking advantage of your home lighting, you need to upgrade to smart lighting control.

As Westchester County’s leading installer of smart lighting control system solutions, our team at Westchester Audio/Video Design Group has gained insight into how much smart lighting control genuinely can elevate your property and your lifestyle.

In this blog, we share three of the most significant advantages of upgrading to smart lighting control at your New York property based on our experience helping local homeowners just like you.

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Vacation Mode Scheduling and Safety Features

Leaving your house unoccupied while you go on vacation can feel quite nerve-wracking. Empty homes can be a primary target for thieves and burglars. So how can you keep your property safe and secure while you’re gone?

Of course, security and surveillance features can help. But what if your home could appear occupied even while you are out of town? Several lighting control systems feature built-in safety features that accomplish just that. Control4 and Lutron, for example, offer “Mockupancy” and “Smart Away” settings that randomize lights turning on and off as if you are actually home.

Another option is to create lighting schedules for while you are away that simulate your day-to-day light usage. For example, from any lighting control system you might feature in your home – whether you use Lutron, Crestron, Savant or Control4 – you can create schedules for lights throughout your house to turn on and off based on your daily habits. While you’re out of town, your lights will turn on and off just like they normally do when you’re at home. To the unassuming bystander, it will appear as if your home is occupied.

Aesthetic Advantages

Most homeowners generally overlook the aesthetics of their home’s lighting controls. But there are significant aesthetic advantages to smart lighting control – and not just through being able to dim or brighten your lights.

With a lighting control system from one of our preferred vendor partners, you also can upgrade the looks of your wall-mounted light controls, as well. Instead of a plain-white on/off switch, you can opt for stylish dimmers or variations of the light switch in a plethora of available finishes to complement your surrounding wall color. Even create custom in-wall keypads that are available in a variety of styles fit your design preferences and elevate the aesthetics of your house!

Scene Creation and Scheduling

Building “scenes” and creating schedules with your smart lighting system is one of the best advantages of connected lighting control.

At its core, scenes are lighting commands that are accessible through a custom keypad or through your smartphone control application; when activated, they can set the lights in one room or multiple rooms throughout your house to predefined levels. For example, a “Dinner” scene might dim the lights in the dining room so that you create ambiance while everyone eats – encouraging conversation and making every guest feel welcome. Another possibility is creating a “Welcome Home” scene that turns on all of your first floor’s lights when activated. You can create an endless amount of scenes customized to your lifestyle and your preferences; our team at Westchester Audio/Video Design Group can help program your lighting control system to make this possible.

Another advantage of smart lighting control is creating lighting schedules and automations. For example, perhaps instead of waking up to an alarm clock every morning, you’d rather wake up to your bedroom lights slowly turning on. You can schedule your lights to do so with a smart lighting control system. Additionally, you also can create automations. Some lighting control systems feature built-in geofencing, for example, so that when you arrive home at night, the “Welcome Home” scene we mentioned above automatically can activate so you get home to a well-lit house.

And that’s just the tip of the iceberg – smart lighting control also can integrate with motorized shading and A/V solutions so that one press of a button can activate a variety of technologies in your home. The options are genuinely endless.

Want to find out more about the top advantages to bringing a smart lighting control system to your Westchester County home? Feel free to give us a call or fill out our online contact form to schedule a no-obligation consultation with our local team. We’d love to hear from you!

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