5 Reasons You Should Consider a Fiber Home Network Installation

Ensure Optimal Performance from Your Smart Home and HD Video Services

5 Reasons You Should Consider a Fiber Home Network Installation

The most essential part of any smart home or A/V system is the network. Home networks function as the backbone of the technology in your house, facilitating communication between each of your devices, ensuring clear video and audio signals, and reliably connecting the disparate parts of your system. But different networks can offer different results.

If you’re looking for the best networking infrastructure for your larger home in the Fairfield County, Connecticut area, consider fiber-optic home network installation services. Here are five reasons you can benefit from a fiber home network with the help of Westchester Audio/Video Design Group.


Fiber Is The Fastest

Most hardwired computer networks use category wire. However, research shows that fiber-optic networks are faster than even the fastest CAT-based networks. That’s because they can support extra “bandwidth” or space for the signals to move within. That helps accommodate all of your smart home devices. That means you can stream hours of 4K HDR content without seeing pixelization, control your lighting at lightning-quick response speeds, and depend on your security system to function even when you have multiple devices operating at once.

Fiber Is Reliable

One of the most common issues with category based networks is that category wire is not as durable. It can deteriorate over time and be vulnerable to inclement weather conditions. Fiber, on the other hand, doesn’t. It’s a more durable, reliable, and long-lasting solution that offers enough bandwidth that you can upgrade your system over the years and still receive the same level of network quality.

Fiber Is Strong

Another problem often faced by category or copper-based cable networks is the deterioration of a signal as it moves away from a source. In a smaller room, where the source (Blu-ray player) and the display (4K TV) are very close by, you won't notice a drop in quality. But in many cases, especially larger homes, source components exist in different rooms – possibly even across the house. In those cases, and when you want to stream music to an outdoor system or want to watch a Blu-ray movie in bed while the player is in a storage rack elsewhere, you'll benefit from fiber. Studies have shown that the signal deteriorates less than with copper-based cabling over distance so that you can use the same sources for your entire home.

Fiber Is Symmetric (And Not Latent)

“Symmetric speed” refers to the ability of your network to upload and download files at the same speed. Typically more beneficial for business settings, it’s nevertheless a positive part of installing a fiber-optic network. It’s nice to know that your smart home devices won’t slow down even if you’ve chosen to download large files, when you’re making internet calls, and more.

“Latency” is a term used to describe the delay of content being downloaded, streamed, and stored in the cloud. Similar to symmetric speed, it’s a term that has more benefits for business solutions. However, depending on the size of your smart home system and how many components you add over time, it will help simplify cloud storage and other factors that make your lifestyle easier.

Fiber Is Future Proof

What does “future proof” mean? It means you can continue to add to your system with a fiberoptic network without updating your network every time a new product comes out.

Thanks to the strength, reliability, and speed of a fiberoptic network, you’ll have enough bandwidth to support a scaling system. Even if you start out with a single room solution – like a home theater or media room – you can continue to grow it into a whole home system.

Fiber allows you to control everything, from the lights in the living room to the shades in the sound system in the backyard, with ease.

Want to learn more about the benefits of fiber networking for your Fairfield County home? Our team at Westchester Audio/Video Design Group is here to help with expert, local fiber network installation services.

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