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How to Prepare Your Patio for the Ultimate Tailgate

Football Sunday Doesn’t Mean Staying Cooped Up Inside Anymore

How to Prepare Your Patio for the Ultimate Tailgate

Are you looking for new ways to take in the Jets or Giants games on Sunday afternoons? You may have gone for a bigger 4K display or invested in more immersive surround sound options in the past. As you tune in this season to see if they’ll finally turn things around, what other things could you do to improve your viewing experience? Sometimes what you need is a little change in scenery.

Outdoor entertainment systems are an excellent option for football season, especially in early fall when the weather is beautiful in Westchester County, NY. Fully embrace the tailgating atmosphere in your backyard without having to deal with massive crowds or a lengthy commute to MetLife Stadium. This blog highlights some tips on how to create the perfect outdoor environment for football Sunday!

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Enjoy the Game on an Anti-Glare Screen

Having the right screen makes all the difference if you want to enjoy high-resolution video without the sun's glare ruining the game. Extra-bright 4K displays from SunBriteTV come in a variety of models depending on if you'll be watching in full shade, partial sun or full sunlight. Made with durable materials and air-tight designs, they can handle even the most significant winter storms without any damage. Broadcast the game on TVs ranging from 32" to 75" to easily follow all of the action.

Listen to the Broadcast from Anywhere

Since some games run well over four hours, we don't blame you if you don't want to stand in front of the TV the whole time. Take advantage of an outdoor sound system that covers not only the immediate area surrounding your TV but your entire backyard and patio as well. Have the game playing through all your speakers and follow along while walking around and interacting with friends. When things heat up, or your team gets it into the red zone, you can make your way back to the TV to watch.

Get Access to Channel You Need

Running cables from your vulnerable indoor components – be it a cable box, Satellite, or streaming service – requires expertise to ensure none of your equipment gets damaged. Each of our outdoor systems includes all needed outdoor wiring to get you all the channels you need. Through our Control4 integration, easily change the channel or adjust the volume from a dedicated touchpad, mobile app or remote without having to go inside.

Enjoy Strong Signals Wherever You Are

To get high-quality 4K signals to your outdoor televisions, we’ll also expand the reach of your home’s Wi-Fi signal. Using wireless access points, we ensure you get a strong, reliable Wi-Fi connection throughout your outdoor spaces to use all your go-to streaming services. Your Wi-Fi reach will also help with the reliability of your control devices and make it easy for you to look up scores from around the league on your go-to smart device.  

Brighten Up the Action for Night Games

Prepare your patio for primetime games with landscape lighting. Enjoy the game even after the sun sets with lights that automatically turn on at a given time each night. Not only should you include general overhead lighting, but pathway lighting as well. Employ motion sensors for the latter, so walkways illuminate as people approach to avoid tripping hazards. Do you have a grill or outdoor kitchen? Add a little task lighting to your cooking area for added comfort and safety.

Now is the perfect time to start setting up an outdoor entertainment system for football season! Do you want to get started on your brand-new tailgate space? To set up a consultation, all you have to do is give us a call at (914) 921-0099, fill out our contact form or chat with us below.

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