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How to Bring Your Hi-Fi Setup into the Sonos Ecosystem

Take Advantage of Apple AirPlay 2, Wireless Sound With Sonos’ Port and Amp

How to Bring Your Hi-Fi Setup into the Sonos Ecosystem

Want to enjoy high-performance wireless sound throughout your house? Then Sonos is the way to go. Sonos has been the industry leader in wireless speakers since 2005, but now they’re making it easier than ever to enjoy the convenience of wireless with existing hi-fi systems.

Through the Sonos Port and Sonos Amp, you can add Apple Airplay2 and streaming capabilities to third-party hi-fi loudspeakers. You’ll also be able to bring in all your favorite sources—like your vintage turntable—within the same multi-room audio ecosystem.

Enjoy Pandora, Spotify, digital libraries and analog recordings all in one place and easily stream them to any speaker in your Greenwich, CT home. Sonos uses Wi-Fi, not Bluetooth, allowing for a lossless signal, and therefore the utmost quality, whenever you listen to music.

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The Sonos Port

Some of you may have read about or currently own the Sonos Connect, the Sonos Port’s predecessor. The Connect, which debuted in 2008, made it easier than ever to add network capabilities to existing audio systems.

With the Connect, music listeners were able to integrate their own speakers, receivers, and amplifiers into wireless audio systems. What used to be very static audio systems could now follow you around the house.

The Sonos Port serves a similar purpose by connecting to any receiver and amplifier in your existing home audio system. Once you connect the Port, you’ll be able to stream to any of your amplified devices.

The Port also includes line-in and line-out analog and coaxial connections to add specific sources—like a turntable or CD player (though they’ll need to have their own amplification built in). Take your analog recordings with you wherever you go and manage it all from the intuitive Sonos app.   

The biggest upgrade with the Sonos Port compared to the Connect is the addition of Apple Airplay2 which lets you stream music directly from your iPhone or iPad. Even tell Siri to play your Apple music to any of your existing speakers.

The Sonos Amp

The Sonos Amp serves the same purpose as the Port, allowing you to access Apple Airplay2 and your favorite streaming services through your existing multi-room audio system. So how do you decide which of the two to use in your home?

It will all have to do with what multi-room audio solution, if any, you already have in place. The difference is that the Sonos Amp, unlike the Port, will be able to power third party speakers while the Port only works with devices with built-in amplification.

Do you already have a solution with a receiver or amplifier in place? Then the Port offers the most seamlessly way for you to give a wireless boost to your multi-room audio.

The Sonos Amp is ideal if you’re using passive speakers which need separate amplification—as is the case with many in-ceiling and in-wall models. The Sonos Amp delivers 125 watts per channel when paired with 8-ohm speakers. It also includes a digital connection to bring in your television into your multi-room audio system as well.

If you want to create distinct zones within your multi-room audio solution, you will need a distinct Amp for each zone. Otherwise you’ll be able to group various speakers, but not choose different music for each of the rooms or zones in your multi-room audio.

If you’re ready to listen to add a powerful, intuitive multi-room audio solution to your Greenwich, CT-area home, contact us today for a no-obligation consultation at (914) 921-0099 or fill out our online contact form to get started. We can’t wait to hear from you.

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