DIY vs. Professional Surveillance Camera Systems: What to Know

Consider the Possibilities of a Professional Home Surveillance Installation

DIY vs. Professional Surveillance Camera Systems: What to Know

We understand that your family and property’s safety is a top priority at all times. That’s why when it comes to your property’s security and surveillance, you don’t want to mess around. You need the best of the best. And while a DIY solution from a big-box store might seem like the easy solution, in the long-run, another, better option exists: A home surveillance installation from a professional company that specializes in home security.

In this blog, we’ll dive into the pros of working with a professional home surveillance company like Westchester Audio/Video Design Group for your Scarsdale, New York home’s surveillance camera system installation.

Want to learn more about why going this route is the right choice for your property? Just keep reading on below.


Custom Approach to Building Your Home Surveillance System

When you work with a home surveillance company to build your surveillance camera system, one of the first stages of the project is a consultation: We’ll go to your home, evaluate the most vulnerable areas and develop a customized surveillance blueprint that covers your entire property.

When you opt for a DIY home surveillance solution, you simply are just buying cameras and installing them yourself. You receive no professional expertise on the types of cameras that work best for your property; where you should install them. When you partner with a company like Westchester Audio/Video Design Group for your home surveillance needs, you are provided with a customized plan optimized for your property.

Higher-End Camera Technology

When you opt for a DIY, big-box home surveillance solution, you are limiting yourself from some of the more high-powered home surveillance solutions that also carry the similar benefits you are looking for. You also are putting your property at risk.

Most DIY, store-bought home surveillance cameras lack two-factor authentication and SSL/TLS encryption; meaning that there is an increased risk of hackers being able to break into your home network and take control of your surveillance cameras.

With a professional surveillance installation, you have access to higher-end camera equipment from brands like Luma, Visualint, and IC Realtime that feature built-in protection. Choose from a variety of camera types, such as fixed, 180-degree or PTZ (pan-tilt-zoom); ones that feature advanced video analytics and so much more. And, just like DIY home surveillance solutions, you can view live and previously recorded camera footage from the convenience of your smartphone from anywhere in the world.

Enterprise-Grade Video Analytics

With the highest-grade of video analytics around, you can enjoy a world-class surveillance system at your home. With Visualint, for example, have your surveillance camera system let you know when a deliveryman has crossed your yard’s perimeter or when a truck has been parked outside your driveway for longer than it should be. Your cameras can track movement and distinguish between varying types of figures.

See a white van outside your house and want to know if your surveillance cameras have captured that van near your house before? With advanced video analytics from IC Realtime’s ella, for example, your home surveillance system can act as a search engine that allows you to dive through previous clips and evaluate the threat. You just can’t find that level of quality with DIY home surveillance.

Ongoing Service and Maintenance for Your System

Once you opt for a DIY home surveillance system, you won’t have any reliability once it has problems or stops working. With a professional system, your services don’t stop after the installation. Our team makes sure to take care of anything that might go wrong down the line and fix it up in no time.

Our ClientCare 2.0 service packages lets our team monitor your system 24/7 to check for any issues, operate and make fixes remotely, and also provide ongoing support as you use your system. It’s peace of mind for you; and for your surveillance camera system, as well.

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