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Bring Powerful Home Automation to Your New York Home

Crestron Home, Powered by OS 3, Is Here to Simplify Your Life

Bring Powerful Home Automation to Your New York Home

Crestron has long been a brand we enjoy working with due to its incredible customization options and functionality. If you can think of a scene to run with your Crestron system, it can more than likely be programmed into the system! Crestron home automation is known in the industry as a programming powerhouse and offers customization other brands simply don’t in both device count and the user interface.

Crestron released Crestron Home OS 3 earlier this year. The new operating system brings a more intuitive user interface to your Westchester County home’s touchscreens and smart devices. OS 3 is redesigned with a clean and simple interface: New icons, dynamic room controls, page designs, and something we can all appreciate—new Crestron Home OS 3 installations of varying sizes can deploy in less time with less custom programming time needed by installers.

Keep reading to learn more about some of the exciting features of the Crestron Home OS 3 for automation in your Westchester County, NY home.

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The personalized and dynamic screen interface elevates your home into an easy-to-manage Crestron Home. Crestron Home transforms your commands into instantaneous action, controlling your motorized shades, security and more. By designating an Evening scene, you can set exterior lights to turn on, interior lights to dim to set a relaxing mood, and smart locks can lock; all of this can happen with a finger tap on your smart device. These scenes are easy to create and edit if you need.

Support for Multiple Homes

If you own multiple properties, your life just got easier! Crestron Home, powered by OS 3, helps you manage one or multiple homes. You can monitor and control everything remotely or on the premises! Monitor your lake house or rental property’s security cameras while you’re away, or make sure you locked the front door if you have that nagging feeling you forgot to do so.


Instead of using default icons on your touchscreens, you can personalize the interface with your own photos. Use a photo of your home theater to represent the home theater controls; use a photo of your kitchen to represent the controls available in your kitchen. Not only can you personalize the controls of your Crestron home automation system, but the controls are intuitive and dynamic, ensuring everyone in your Westchester County-area home will benefit from the system.


An OS 3 home automation system from Crestron can be installed quickly with much less programming time required than older platforms. With an iPad or laptop, an installer like Westchester A/V Design Group can set up your home automation system in a breeze. It’s practically plug-and-play. Service calls are virtually nonexistent, as well, thanks to our Client Care 2.0 services. We can remotely monitor whether most of your network-connected devices are up and running, and we can fix issues remotely.

If you’d like to learn more about the benefits of a Crestron home automation system, call us today at (914) 921-0099 or fill out our online form. We can’t wait to work with you.

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