3 Technologies to Help Make the Most of Your Outdoor Spaces

Elevate Outdoor Living This Summer With These Technology Solutions

3 Technologies to Help Make the Most of Your Outdoor Spaces

If you have a backyard and patio that are ideally situated to host parties or outdoor grilling, then this time of year is the right time to take advantage of them. An outdoor entertainment system in your Greenwich, Connecticut yard can transform the entire backyard – and get it ready for any occasion both in the summer and fall.

When it comes to the technologies that you should include in your outdoor entertainment system, we’re not just talking about speakers that can deliver music throughout your entire backyard. There are several other technologies that can boost outdoor living this summer, and in this blog we are going to highlight three of the technologies you shouldn’t forget as you enhance your outdoor living areas.

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Outdoor TVs for Any Event and Weather

Imagine watching a new blockbuster hit or a longtime franchise favorite outside in the beautiful weather and with a lovely breeze flowing through the air. Setting up a viewing area on your patio or anywhere in your yard with a quality outdoor TV can bring this reality to you and your family and friends.

But only trusted outdoor TVs can deliver that vivid image while the sun is shining brightly. That’s why we recommend a SunBriteTV television. SunBriteTV offers three different types of dedicated outdoor TV models for various applications throughout your yard: full shade, partial sun, and full sun.

So, whether you want to set up one of SunBrite’s 4K outdoor TVs in a shaded area like the covered porch, or have your TV right by the pool – you can choose a model that functions perfectly in any area. These TVs can also handle any harsh weather that might occur in the Greenwich area: rain, sleet, hail, or snow. They can even take on dust, insects or splashes from the nearby pool. Made from material that can withstand extreme temperatures, the screens can take on any outdoor situation. You won’t have to worry about their condition – instead, focus on enjoying your next movie marathon or tailgate for your guests.

Upgraded Backyard Wi-Fi

An outdoor entertainment system doesn’t only have to include a TV or speakers. It also can feature technologies that enhance daily activities outside. One of the most advantageous additions to your backyard is an expansion of your home network.

With the addition of dedicated outdoor network access points, you can enjoy expanded Wi-Fi connection throughout your entire backyard. This not enhances the usability of your home automation control devices outside, but it also allows for effortless internet browsing and streaming from any of your personal smart devices.

If your goal this summer is to spend more time enjoying your home’s outdoor living spaces, an improved home network outside is a fantastic way to expand the usability of your backyard.

Surveillance Cameras Secure the Area

When you have such valuable technologies and furniture in your backyard, you want to ensure everything remains safe. Not to mention that added security for your property lets you rest assured at night that your family is safe and sound.

This is why adding a smart surveillance system from top brands like Visualint, IC Realtime, or Luma can give you needed peace of mind. Strategically-placed cameras throughout the yard capture every movement and occurrence at any moment.

Whether you are home or far away, you can check in on your backyard on your smartphone, watch live videos, or save captured footage to view later. You can even control your cameras right from your device. Pan, zoom, and tilt the cameras around to check out every corner and area of your outdoor living spaces.

These incredible surveillance systems can help reduce false alarms and distinguish between a harmless animal and any actual suspicious activity. Top-notch analytics and unique features help you keep your property secure and prevent any burglaries.

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